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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Anbieters Citytours & Dreams SL | Baja Bikes - Bike Tour Barcelona

Stand: 14. Nov. 2014

General Terms and Conditions Citytours & Dreams, SL ("Baja Bikes")

1. Prices

The prices for the services provided by Baja Bikes will be the current prices valid for each service at any given moment. These prices can be found at the web page:

2. Obligations and rights of the Client

Before participating on a tour, and agreeing with the present agreement, the Client is obliged to: a) Read carefully and understand the general terms and conditions described in this document. b) Read, listen, understand and in the event of having a doubt, ask the instructions and advice regarding safety and other relevant matters from Baja Bikes personnel. c) Verify that the equipment to be rented is in the normal conditions of use at the moment of reception. d) Show a valid ID or passport, as well as other documents if required by the personnel of Baja Bikes. e) Verify at the moment of signing the agreement, that the personal details of the Client in the contract are correct. During the rental period the client agrees to: a) Use the rented vehicles in a normal and correct manner, taking reasonable care thereof. b) Park the bicycle in suitable areas, and lock them with a chain. c) Act in accordance with any possible official orders or requirements when riding a bicycle, such as possible use of safety equipment like reflectors, helmets etc. d) Be responsible for and pay any possible fines and legal fees incurred by the clients during the validity of this rental agreement. e) Not use the bicycle in conditions or on areas not suited for its use, such as stairs, ramps, rollerblade areas, etc. f) Not do any modification, disassembly or changes to the bike unless for reparations due to breakdown etc. g) In case of loss, robbery, accident or other relevant issue or incident contact Baja Bikes within 2 hours and where applicable, give a copy to Baja Bikes of a relevant police statement or declaration of loss or robbery. After the rental period is over, the client shall: a) Return the rented equipment in the same state and condition in which it was received, as determined by the personal of Baja Bikes staff b) Be present during the return of the rented equipment, and countersign a receipt in accordance with the results of the inspection c) If applicable, pay for the following sanctions for not following; • In case of unauthorized use of the bike resulting in loss due to theft, a penalty fee of 250 Euros. • In case of loss of or damage to anti-theft devices, keys or locks rented, pay a penalty fee of between 50 and 250 Euros, according to the value of the accessory. • In case of damage pay a penalty fee up to a maximum of 250 Euros, according to the caused actual damage.

3. Limitations of responsibility

The client declares that he/she knows the basics of driving or utilizing a bicycle and assumes any risks inherent in such activities. The client declares to be covered by his/her own liability and/or accidents insurance for this activity. The client is in any case the sole responsible for his/hers/theirs fitness for the activities in question, both physical and mental, including any possible problem incurred for reasons of illness, medication or incapacity of any condition that may affect his/hers/their or security Baja bikes is not responsible for claiming damages due to accidents, injury, impacts or occasioned damages, including normal and sanctioned use of the bicycles; or damages to the persons or objects of a third party or for loss of any personal property of the client during the rental period.

4. Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Baja Bikes guarantees the security and confidentiality of personal data given by their clients and as such confirms to the data protection laws, “Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de Protección de Datos”. The client is informed of and agrees to his data being incorporated in the automatic data systems of Baja Bikes for reasons of client relationship maintenance and sending of commercial information and publicity.

5. Cancellation policy

Until 60 days before tour: the down payment. From 14 until 3 days before event: 50% of total fee. Within 3 days or in case of no-show: 100%. In case of bad weather, we will look for an alternative day / time. If this is not possible, a maximum of 75% is refunded.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The laws of Spain will be applied to the services of Baja Bikes, independently from the country of residence of the client. Any dispute arising out of the interpretation of these conditions shall be resolved by the courts of Barcelona.

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