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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Anbieters Born Bike Tours Barcelona

Stand: 21. Jul. 2017


1. BORN BIKE TOURS BARCELONA rents bicycles, other services related to those bicycles and other pedal vehicles.

2. Bicycles wil be delivered to and collected from any hotel or residence, (details to be negotiated).

3. The rented equipment will be delivered principally to the hotels or locations of the rentors. They may be delivered to ther locations than the above be agreement between the parties.

4. To ensure availabilty of the required bicycle(s) it is important to make a timely reservation by any of the following methods: or by phone.

5. Anyone wishing to rent a bicycle must be over 18 years of age and must be in possession of a passport or national identity document for citizens of European Union countries, or a passport for citizens of other countries.

6. Full payment of the rental price of the bicycle(s) must be paid on delivery, along with a valid credit card number or a deposit of 100€ or 200€ (depending on the vehicle) which will be returned on collection of the rented equipment, on verification that it is in the same condition as it was when delivered.

7. Bicycle(s) and related equipment must be returned to BORN BIKE staff at the time and place agreed in the contract. Late return will entail an additional charge to the customer of 2€ per hour or part thereof.

8. The cost of changing the collection date, time or location of the rented equipment in the contract will entail an additional charge of 6€ to de customer. Changes to the agreed collection details must be communicated to BORN BIKE at least two hours before the appointed time.

9. Bicycle(s) and related equipment will only be delivered to the person identified by BORN BIKE. The equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered to the customer. The cost related to any damage to the bicycle(s) and related equipment will be borne by the customer.

10. The customer is obliged to keep the bicycle(s) and related equipment in good order and to take all necessary precautions to protect the bicycle(s) from damage, loss or theft. In the event of damage, loss or theft, the customer is immediately liable for all replacement costs at the market price. When leaving the bicycle, the customer is obliged to ensure that it is locked securely (passing the lock through the frame, saddle and wheels and locking it to a post fixed to the ground or to a bicycle stand).

11. BORN BIKE holds an insurance policy which covers any damage which may arise due to defects in the rented equipment.

12. BORN BIKE is not responsible for claims related to accidents, collisions, injures or damages caused to the customer, to third parties or to their property or for loss of possessions during the rental period.

13. It is the responsibility of the client to respect Spanish traffic rules while using the rented equipment.

14. Any information provided by the customer will be used exclusively to facilitate the correct delivery of the contracted service. According to law, the customer may request the correction of cancellation of this information by contacting BORNBIKE

15. This contract is subject to Spanish law.

16. The customer declares that they have read and accept the above conditions.

17. Cancellation policy: Cancellations will only be valid with a written notification by sending an e-mail to In case of cancellation at least 48 hours before the tour, 50% of the total price will be charged. In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the tour, 100% of the total price will be charged. Born Bike Tours Barcelona will send the cancellation policy’s details, whenever the client books one of his service.

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